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The heart is a pump located in the middle of our chest that allows blood to reach our organs. In this way, the blood can carry enough nutrients and oxygen to the organs. Our heart, which is of vital importance for human life, continues to work non-stop every day.

Today, people may get cardiovascular diseases due to factors such as stress, smoking, unbalanced diet, inactivity, and genetic predisposition. These diseases are among the most important causes of death. With the developing medical technology, it is possible to prevent the risk of death with early diagnosis.

Cardiovascular surgery includes the interventions for the treatment of diseases originating from the heart and the four major vessels that feed the heart.

These interventions are as follows:

– Pacemakers

– Coronary Stent Surgery

– Coronary By-Pass Surgery

– Heart Valve Treatments

– Varicose Veins Treatments

– Radial Angiography

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