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  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Patient Elevation
  • Preparation of the Operating Room
  • Instruments Used in Hair Transplantation
  • Steps of the Surgery
  • Determining the Donor Area
  • Harvesting of Grafts
  • Storage of Grafts
  • Dissection of Grafts
  • Determining the Transplantation Area
  • Transplantation Phase
  • Post-Op Follow-Up
  • Introduction to Instruments Used in Hair Transplantation
  • Placement and Purpose of Hair Transplantation Materials
  • Patient Reception and Information
  • Determining the Patient’s Hairline
  • Hair Shaving for the Patient
  • Medications and Devices Used in Hair Transplantation
  • Post-Op Follow-Up
  • Washing Procedure
  • Informing the Patient After Hair Transplantation

In the Igeme Health Academy, training sessions are not postponed under any circumstances except for natural disasters, wars, and deaths.

  • University-accredited certificate (Bezmialem, Başkent, and Acıbadem)
  • Medical in Turkiye Health Academy Participation Certificate

The training is conducted in English.

The training duration is 5 days. 

All training documentation, photos, and videos are provided to participants. Additionally, documents can be accessed at any time using the provided website password.

No, participation in hair transplantation and French thread lift live surgery courses is open not only to doctors but also to nurses, healthcare assistants, medical technicians, aesthetic and beauty professionals, and individuals in similar professions. Participant planning is done individually for each training.

  • In-depth knowledge of the fundamental principles and techniques of hair transplantation.
  • The ability to understand and apply both traditional and modern hair transplantation methods.
  • Practical experience in performing hair transplantation techniques through practical applications during the training process.
  • The ability to understand patient assessment processes and create an effective hair transplantation plan.
  • The capability to understand aesthetic expectations and develop strategies to meet them.
  • A certificate of expertise and competence in the field of hair transplantation upon successful completion of the program.
  • Recognition as a respected specialist in the field of hair transplantation within the hair transplantation community.

Our program aims to train participants as professional experts in the field of hair transplantation by covering both theoretical and practical knowledge. This training will help you advance your career.

The increasing sensitivity of people to their appearance and their growing confidence in themselves have led to an increased demand for hair transplantation procedures. With new methods, devices, and materials, it is possible to achieve more effective and safe results, making hair transplantation popular among people from various cultures and geographies worldwide.

  • 10% discount for 2 participants
  • 5% discount for 3-5 participants
  • 15% discount for 5 or more participants
You can use the bank transfer options provided on the website. You can also pay by credit card, and there is a Pay-tr option available.
  • 4-night hotel accommodation
  • VIP airport-hotel-training center transfers
  • Travel health insurance
  • Training documents, photos, and videos
  • Certification
  • Bosphorus tour
  • Gala dinner
  • Lunch and coffee-break

No refund will be made if you cannot attend the training. If you are unable to attend the training and there are more than 5 days left, the payment can be used for the next training. If there are less than 5 days left for the training, you can attend the next training by paying a 25% difference.

We have a complimentary oral and dental health care gift for all participants.

For participants who wish to extend practical application, longer-term internship programs can be arranged.

Yes, you can bring your own patient by covering their travel expenses.

Participants must have a plastic surgery diploma or be a member of the plastic surgery association.

  • If two people stay in the same room, it is €30 per person.
  • Separate room, €100 per person.

Yes, our travel agency can assist with your planning.

The training is conducted in English. If you wish to receive training in other languages, daily pricing will be applied. If you require interpreter support outside of the training, there is a fee of €250 for 09:30-17:00 and an additional €50 per hour for each subsequent hour.

Yes, we offer Mercedes transfer vehicle rental services.

Visa requirements vary by nationality. Visa services can be provided by our agency.

Yes, our travel agency can organize it at a 5% discount for you.

Yes, we can work on a project basis.

  • If a university or hospital requests it, a 17% discount is applied when more than 5 doctors participate in the training.
  • If a company wants to provide training in their own country, they cover the advertising and organization expenses.
  • A 25% discount is applied if all training participants come from one country and one company.

Yes, with a guarantee of €20,000 and a condition to organize 5 events within a year.

We can organize this training in your country with the condition that our doctor and assistant's travel and accommodation expenses, along with €25,000, are covered.

We handle communication with our doctors on your behalf.