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Travel Insurance

What is Travel Insurance and What Does it Do?

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that provides financial protection against unexpected situations during domestic or international trips, such as health issues, trip cancellation, lost or damaged baggage, and emergency cash needs.

The travel insurance policy can be customized based on the traveler’s needs and offers various options. These options include coverage variations depending on factors such as travel duration, purpose, destination, age, and health condition.

Travel insurance reduces the financial risks that travelers may encounter and ensures a safer and more peaceful travel experience by covering needs such as healthcare services, medical treatment, hospitalization, and ambulance services during the trip.

Additionally, travel insurance provides financial protection in cases of trip cancellation, travel delays, or lost or damaged baggage. It helps travelers minimize financial risks and be prepared to cope with unexpected situations throughout their journey.

MedicalinTürkiye offers travel insurance for patients coming from abroad to Turkey. We arrange these policies and also provide supplementary health insurance in the country where we operate. We can also provide complication insurance upon the request of the patients.

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